Today, the job creeps into a lot of private moments. Who has never checked their emails during a family meal, in the bathroom, or even in bed before going to bed? Smartphones, tablets, and laptops have largely contributed to bringing a part of our professional life home. By believing to be efficient, and being permanently connected, however, one loses sight of the essential: to devote oneself to the moment, to take time for oneself, for one’s family, when one has left the office. How to cut this off? What things to do to boost productivity?

Separating your professional and personal life is more complex than it seems! Many find it difficult to disconnect once they leave work. Accentuating professional demands, intensifying the pace of work, hyper-connection of employees, and many factors weaken the border between professional and personal life, which is nevertheless essential to maintain a healthy balance in life. It is therefore important to adopt the right reflexes to let go once your day is over and enjoy your free time.

Professional and personal life: why is it essential to find your balance?

We look at his messages and his social networks at the office. We consult his professional emails on weekends, without realizing it, and we mix our private sphere and our professional sphere. It is essential to make this distinction and to leave your professional concerns once you leave your office. Work is one of the most important stressors today. According to a study, 53% of employees and 65% of managers experience regular stress at work. A reality not to be underestimated when we know that this stress affects physical and moral health. And can have repercussions on mental health in the long term. To disconnect from work in the evening and on weekends and devote yourself to your personal life. Bruce shares his good habits with you!

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How to Take Better Breaks

Devote time to your projects:

To disconnect, you need to be able to make the most of your free time. And make your personal life interesting and entertaining. What could be better than embarking on projects and setting goals for yourself? Learning a new language, discovering new places, getting involved in charity work, and doing crafts. Engaging in activities that will give you a sense of personal accomplishment outside of work is a great way to make sure you reserve this time for yourself.

Disable your messaging and professional email after working hours:

To fully differentiate your professional and personal life, it is essential to completely disconnect after working hours. To make sure that you will not be solicited, or tempted to check your emails. You can deactivate notifications from your professional messaging systems on your devices.

Play sports:

To clear your head and let off steam after work, there’s nothing like doing a physical activity! It’s a great way to clear your head while working out and put your work concerns behind you. An ideal recipe for relaxing while keeping fit.

Get enough sleep:

Getting enough sleep and enjoying a regular sleep cycle is essential for physical and mental health. Sleep is increasingly neglected: for the first time, the average hours of sleep fell below 7 hours. A worrying finding knowing that poor sleep impacts our daily lives and poses risks to our health. It is essential to take care of your sleep to be efficient at work. And to enjoy serenely your moments of relaxation and leisure.

Devote time to your social life:

Taking time for your loved ones is a good way to take a step back from your work. Harvard University conducted a study from 1938 to the early 2010s of more than 700 men to determine the determinants of happiness. It shows that the quality of our social relationships impacts not only the longevity of our life and our happiness but also our professional performance.

Neglecting the distinction between work and personal time makes you less efficient. And more stressed in the long run, but you can set up habits to disconnect and enjoy your time off.

The line between professional and personal life has become very thin. We answer professional emails during the weekend; we surf personal during working hours. This phenomenon is now part of the lives of many employees. The consequences are however harmful to their productivity and many think of exercising their right to disconnect.

So, what are you doing next weekend?

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